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  • Digital Signage is engaging and can be used to communicate effectively. Messages of public safety, transportation routes and timetables, real time weather and news updates, Covid related broadcasts and sponsored content can be communicated quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Environment friendly communication helps reduce production of carbon waste, air pollution, paper waste, land clearing and hence greenhouse gas emission.
  • Organizations can embrace current content consumption trends. The ability to communicate through videos, slides and sound encourages customer and staff participation.


  • Communication through digital mediums is starting to become popular now. Over 90% of all communication is still paper and print based. This is inefficient and ineffective in the current climate.
  • Customers are demanding government run organizations, public administration offices, corporates and businesses to communicate with them at the right time with the right content and through the right medium.
  • The public are getting used to seeing a cohesive, simple yet strategic reminders about news updates and safety messages and directives delivered at locations that are chosen carefully.
  • Research shows that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Research indicates that by adopting progressive digital display technologies, perceived wait times is significantly reduced and queue management is improved.


  • Availability of power at the locations where digital displays are required.
  • The requirement to reduce the threat of vandalism through secure hardware, toughened glass and custom designed communication ports, especially where the installations are in open public locations with sparse flow through traffic.
  • Ensuring a secure software communication platform to reduce the risk of cyber breach.
  • Ensure a good and reliable mobile device management is installed that can not only control displays, but also help with remote management of displays and make available management administrative and reporting controls.
  • Environmental conditions and its impact on installation of digital assets.

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