Digital Menu Boards by IDS Digital Displays

IDS Digital Displays specialises in providing digital menu board solutions to our customers. The benefits of digital menu boards in quick service restaurants include: Digital menu boards are quickly becoming a popular choice for restaurants and cafes looking to modernize their ordering process and enhance the customer experience. These cutting-edge displays offer a number of […]


Every system in this business world that stores, sends, and receives sensitive data is vulnerable to potential cybercrime threats. Just the act of connecting to an internal system or network alone provides a virtual gateway for cybercriminals to access and exploit confidential corporate data on mobile devices. If such devices are operated beyond their private […]

IDS Digital at Integrate 2022

From offices to stages, homes to retail, AV innovation has reimagined our world. Experience the transformative nature of the latest AV technology at Integrate 2022, Australia’s premier audio-visual event, returning this 17-19 August. Explore IDS Digital products and solutions that elevate everyday worlds first-hand and gain real insights to drive your own digital transformation. Integrate […]

Importance of upgrading to digital signage

Importance of upgrading to digital signage The professional football club based in Kristiansand Norway founded in 1905 is without a doubt one of the highest respected clubs in Norway. The club that got a brand-new stadium in 15. April 2007 and with that a whole new possibility for a bigger revenue. Both with a capacity […]

Digital engagement redefines student engagement

Digital engagement in universities has redefined student engagement in recent times globally. Engaging and interacting with a generation of students in universities, raised surrounded by media is driving significant change amongst schools, colleges, and universities. Students today expect and prefer digital communications, and as a result digital signage has become a cost-effective tool for schools […]

Growth of Interactive Kiosk in Retail Sector

Almost every day, a new study extolling the phenomenal expansion of the kiosk and automated retail industries

Connectivity – A crucial Role

The enhanced visitor experience that arises from the use of IoT technologies in retail contexts is the most

Kiosks in Hospitality Sector

As hotels, restaurants, and bars strive to deliver better and more efficient services to their customers, many