42Gears Case Studies

Australian Medical Council Bolsters Clinical Assessments with SureMDM, SureLock and SureFox

Challenges: AMC needed an easy mode to deploy applications, ensure secure web browsing and provide remote support to end users.

Solution: SureFox helps AMC to form a secure browsing environment on their devices. SureLock provides access to required device functionality to point out their devices into dedicated-purpose devices. SureMDM makes it easier to observe devices in real time, provide remote support, and launch the SureFox secure browsing application.

escos automation GmbH

Challenges: escos automation needed how to secure, monitor, and manage the tablets it used for geriactric care.

Solution: because of SureMDM and SureLock, escos automation could keep tablets safe remotely, update the devices without disrupting the user experience, and far more.


Challenges: IndiGo needed a way to secure, monitor, and manage airport devices, so as to stay employees on-task and keep the boarding process as efficient as possible.

Solution: IndiGo used SureMDM and SureLock to reinforce device monitoring, enable remote troubleshooting, and eliminate potential employee distractions.

Major Telecommunications Company Enhances Its Retail Experience with Sure Video and Sure MDM

Challenges: the corporate needed to play looping promotional videos on in-store devices that weren’t in use.

Solution: SureVideo made it easy to line up looping videos, while SureMDM allowed admins to remotely manage and update device content as necessary.


Mall kiosks are positioned in great locations to intercept shopper traffic, but so as to supply the perfect customer experience, they have to contain everything within a really limited space. The Motorola Mall Kiosk is a superb example of space-efficiency done right. Providing ample storage, POS registers, and merchandise showcasing, the Motorola Kiosk may be a complete and excellent mall retail solution.

The challenge was to make a brand footprint in retail with limited space so we designed a sensible and modular mall kiosk which will be deployed globally into high footfall areas.

The end result due to its small footprint and skill to be deployed almost anywhere, these kiosk drove product velocity resulting in a measurable increase of sales.

Berluti are making shoes of outstanding quality and character since 1895. To reflect the brand’s first-class characteristics, Berluti’s boutique store windows deserved a shocking , memorable treatment.

Outform helped Berluti create instantaneous visual excitement with the “Patina of Time” within the windows of their boutique stores across the world . These colorful works of art, created by renowned American artist Tobias Tovera, added charm, appeal, and a premium look and feel to the windows of Berluti stores and created a gorgeous visual experience for window shoppers.


There’s nothing better than curling up with an honest book, but e-readers don’t inherently have that cozy feeling like paper books. Kobo wanted to capture this emotion, which we delivered it with our uniquely branded retail experiences. By taking inspiration from home furnishings, we created natural and intuitive settings for exploring the Kobo eReaders. Our end-cap, free-standing, and countertop displays captured the same warmth through wood tones and polished details for a completely scalable solution. the target was to capture the familiar feeling of reading a tangible book through an e-reader during a retail environment while adding a up to date twist to the shop decor. the highest result was modern yet cozy in-store settings featuring beautiful furniture and displays which all out the emotions associated with books.