Importance of upgrading to digital signage

The professional football club based in Kristiansand Norway founded in 1905 is without a doubt one of the highest respected
clubs in Norway. The club that got a brand-new stadium in 15. April 2007 and with that a whole new possibility for a bigger
revenue. Both with a capacity of 14.500 and have the possibility of using the stadium for more than just football matches.
On the way to a better economic forecast, they wanted to start using the stadium for more venues.
The food and beverage kiosks located within and all around the stadium had one menu that could only be changed manually.
That resulted in big problems whenever there was a different venue than a normal football match. It also limited the club to
changing prices on the products at the end of the match to reduce food waste.
And with a whole new branding and digital signage solution, there would be limitless possibilities for a new way to increase
sales and have sales and general information.

Project start – Importance of upgrading to digital signage

When the project came to light the goal was to increase sales and be able to change the menu fast and easy so that prices
could change throughout the match and be able to have specific today’s products so the manufacturers could get more out
of the deal they had with the club.
The importance of being able to have big venues in the stadium with their branding, prices and menu is a key to getting to rent
out the stadium to event companies. This would not be possible without the usage of digital signage.
So, the goal was to equip all the 8 kiosks with Screen Publishing’s public display solutions to be able to reach the goal.

Project finished – Importance of upgrading to digital signage

The finished product shows digital signage’s visual and practical usage with OnSign TV software and Philips professional D-line
screens. With our project management and solution designers in Screen Publishing, the result is stunning and with increasing
sales of 44% on the first two matches, it shows a high reward for upgrading the kiosks. And with the visual effects and easy
updates, the interest in event management is already given the club a higher interest in venues.
The way prices change at the end of the football matches decrees food waste and with digital screens, it’s a lot less paper
waste and making the club go more sustainable for a better environment
Thanks to Onsign TV, Philips and Screen Publishing.

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